Jewelry for the wedding of the bride

The Bridal jewellery for the wedding have always existed, through the centuries and history. The brides of almost all cultures and times have worn sets of jewelry for this important day of their lives.

The most common sets consist of necklace, brooch or bracelet and earrings. Others are more complete and contain necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelets and headbands or tiaras. The set of jewelry you choose will be the protagonist of such an important event with you, without a doubt.

Because the choice of jewelry for the wedding, should be carried out taking into account many factors. To start with, the dress, the makeup, the hairstyle and finally your own style. It is very important to never choose the jewelry before the dress. Because this determines the choice of jewelry. Maybe you want to wear a bridal headdress? Well, we can also advise you, the designs of current headdresses are the most chic we have seen.

How to choose a set of jewelry for the wedding?

Choosing wedding jewelry is not easy. To begin with, it has to be a set, simple as that. Preferably, the jewels have to be discreet and transcendental at the same time because the protagonist is you. The set you choose has to highlight your style, elegance and beauty, not eclipse it.

It is important to know that a bride has neither a watch nor rings, except the wedding ring.

According to the hairstyle and the neckline of the dress

If you are going to wear a bustier dress, there are many models of jewelry that suit you. You can also choose an asymmetrical necklace, round or at the neck, all will go, generally well to buy Bridal jewellery online.

On the other hand, if your dress is decorated with lace, pearls or feathers. Then it is better to think of a tiara or diadem. Or you can also choose a jewel that adorns the bow.

If your dress has a V-neck, it is better to choose a Y-shaped necklace. Or a model that is just the size of the neckline. There are some round models that can go well too.

Now, in the case of a dress with the high collar, a sautoir or long necklace will go very well. On the contrary, if your dress has wide straps, choose a more discreet necklace, with a small pendant.

For a sober and sleeveless dress, a nice pearl bracelet would go well. If, on the other hand, the straps are thin, you can consider more styles of bracelets, within the set and aligned with the rest of the jewels.

And finally, if the neckline of the dress is crossed, you can try a round necklace, asymmetric or at the neck.

According to the fabric of the wedding dress

To begin with, in the case that your dress is opaque satin or wild silk, it is better to choose a transparent and pearly-looking necklace. Because it will give more light to the dress. For a dress in transparent fabrics, such as muslin, tulle or embroidery, a transparent pearl necklace is better.

You will have to take into account also the color of the fabric, from pure white, through ivory, cream and gold … the tone of the fabric should be taken into account when choosing the jewel.

And if you want to wear a veil, hat, gloves or any other accessory or fashion accessories, we suggest limiting the use of jewelry, a set in discreet gold will suffice and will play your role well.

According to the hairstyle of the bride

The hairstyle is fundamental and conditions, for example the choice of the type of earrings. The shape of your face and your features are also important.

If you are going to wear your hair, you can choose either button earrings or long earrings. If you are going to wear loose hair, or a tuft dropped in the face in a sensual way, it is better that the earrings do not hang more than 3 cms. Also, if you want to wear an imposing necklace, give less prominence to the earrings, do not fight … or vice versa.

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