When someone thinks of the history of fashion many things come to mind. The invention of shoes. Mass assembly production of clothing. Sweatshops. Even wearable technology. Many things and phrases can be associated with monumental moments in fashion’s history. But do people consider how big of an effect sunglasses have had on the fashion industry. These accessories that come in handy when the sun comes out are just as important to the history of the clothes we were on our bodies just as any other fashion item.

Glasses have an origin that relates back to ancient times. Ancient Rome and China are credited with the first places glasses were created. Nero an emperor over the Roman Empire liked to wear gems on his eyes. He would watch gladiate fights through these luxury gems. Starting around the twelfth century glasses began to be worn by the Chinese. These first glasses were probably made of flat panels and adorned with quarts. They were most likely a gray or smoky in color.

Fast forward to the past one hundred years. In 1936, Edwin H. Land patented his invention of the Polaroid filter. After this invention, Americans’ appetite for glasses began to bud. Even the Army Air Corps began to use these glasses for their pilots. These glasses aid pilots from the glare of flying at high altitudes. World War II used glasses had some things in common. Aviator style glasses were created for pilots. Dropping frames were created to make an even more advanced lens of the pilots. These glasses became so effective and well known some people began to wear the glasses just because of the iconic style.

As the decades rolled on, glasses easily adapted into our everyday lives. Some people wear glasses for health reasons and others wear glasses for its style. Hollywood movies, magazines and public figures have played a major role in making glasses and glasses brands popular. They have often times purposely and unintentionally made glasses a certain trend we have all cared about. This is how glasses began to form its own industry. Millions of dollars are spent annually on glasses. Glasses have forever made their trademark on our lives and the history of fashion. Glasses are becoming more than cute accessories as the world of technology advances.

Now, the worlds of technology and glasses has been combined. Companies are creating glasses that offer customers technological benefits. Smart glasses are being created. These glasses offer people the same benefits as a smartphone or smartwatch. Certain materials are needed to create these glasses. But they offer advancements that are in demand from the glasses industry.

There is little knowledge known about one of fashion’s biggest accessories. Glasses are iconic pieces of fashion history. These glasses have transformed the history of fashion. Glasses have become fashion statements that have invaded the technology industry and have also become an item that protects the eyes from environmental factors. Glasses will forever be an essential item to a fashion lover’s wardrobe.

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