The ban on plastic made grocery shopping difficult as we now have to carry reusable bags with us or pay for them at the grocery store. Well, it is a good thing for the environment and we all want to save our mother earth. However, is this only reason why companies prefer to give away reusable bags?

A true businessman will turn a situation into an opportunity quickly. Thinking about it, reusable bags can change the way of marketing your brand and can make promotions cheaper and convenient. As technology is advancing, people have started to buy goods online. Delivering goods in a custom reusable bag will be beneficial for your business and you will know why.

Reusable bags are eco-friendly and will be used for several months by your customer. Where to buy them in bulk? Well, Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that specializes in manufacturing custom reusable bags with natural and recyclable material like plastic. They are based in Delray Beach, Florida State, USA, but you can buy them online.

Tote bags are best as shopping bags as they are spacious and easy to carry. To buy wholesale personalized green totes for promoting your brand while delivering the products, visit:

Why Eco-friendly Shopping bags?

We have seen many videos on social media about how plastic is damaging the Earth and how we can save it by limiting the use of plastic bags. This is why people are focusing on buying reusable bags. Here are some reasons:

  • Cost-efficient: You might compare the price of reusable bags and plastic bags and say ‘Oh! It’s too costly’. You must know that a reusable bag will last for more than 7 months but one pack of plastic bags will not last for more than 2 months. You save money by reducing the purchase of bags when you look at it for long-term benefits.
  • Shopping Experience: A plastic bag might tear if you put a lot of items in it whereas a reusable cloth will not tear. It improves your shopping experience as you can fill in many things in a bag. It looks stylish and convenient and you don’t have to carry a handbag if you are too lazy to carry one.
  • Free marketing: A custom reusable bag can have your company logo on it and will help you increase your business. When people at a mall look around and see others carrying your brand’s bag, they would automatically think that your brand is famous and will visit your store for sure. In other places, when customers reuse your bag it acts as a walking advertisement.
  • Eco-friendly: As you give away eco-friendly bags to your buyers, they appreciate you for being aware of the environment and putting efforts to save the Earth. This is also a kind of marketing and a good deed at the same time.

Why use reusable bags to deliver groceries?

Considering how groceries arrive when you order them online, it is very much easier to carry them in a reusable bag instead of cartons. It also helps in branding your store.

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