This sola wood bloom is the staple of any sola botanical craftsman. It is one of those styles that is too adaptable. Keep the flower petals tight to the bud of the bloom, or with a little warm water, you can reshape the blossoms and make the sola wood with the entirety of the layers of petals spread out. We can perceive any reason why this is a client’s top pick! We are making and selling best sola wood flowers contact use for any type of sola flower arrangement and shape at

What we are providing in sola wood flowers:

  • We are providing these sola wood flowers in different sizes. They are accessible 1 inch (3cm) 1.5 inches (4cm) 2 inches (6cm) 3 inches (8cm).
  • These flowers are very delicate, flexible, and simple to color.
  • The wedding bouquets are sometimes one of a kind structures in each bunch.
  • These sola wood flowers can only be sold in dozen. They cannot be delivered in ones or twos.
  • The American Beauty style blossom the sizes are approximations relying upon how firmly completed or opened the petals are the size of this bloom specifically can go.

Why do people love these flowers?


The wood used to make these blossoms develop so rapidly that it is viewed as an inexhaustible asset. I additionally generally re-use boxes and pressing materials I get from when I make buys.


With several blossom choices accessible throughout the entire year, seasons don’t influence which blossoms you can have at your wedding or occasion. Do you need sunflowers in the dead of winter? Don’t worry about it!


Wood blossoms can take on shading from color, paint, and so on. That implies that they can fit into any shading palette or subject – and you can have any accessible bloom in any shading. Need rainbow carnations? With wood blossoms, that is conceivable!

Useful for Allergies

While I can’t ensure there will be no unfavorably susceptible responses to the blossoms, they are not scented and don’t shed dust, which is generally the wellspring of allergens.

Some clients want the blossoms to be scented, that is a choice!


Try not to need to discard your bunch! One of my and my clients’ most loved advantages of utilizing wood blossoms is that they keep going forever. They’re even simple to deal with – a tad of light tidying like clockwork.

Spending limit Friendly

Honestly, the underlying expense might be practically identical to utilizing genuine blossoms. In any case, when you factor in the capacity to re-utilize your blossoms as the home stylistic theme, and not protecting your blossoms, wood blossoms can spare you hundreds after your wedding.

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